Gman's Metronome


Ever since I can remember, there has been this old metronome in my family.  My grandmother used to use it giving piano lessons.  If she was alive, she would be maybe 125 years old.  That probably means the metronome is maybe 100.  Anyways, it still works.  It definitely exceeded the 2 year warranty from the J.T.L. Company in New York Serial No. 108852  : )

I recorded this cool sounding wooden metronome into a .wav file and my son Alan (aka Riffhead) made this metronome in visual basic that runs fairly accurately (see example below).  You can download it for free.  It's in a 6.61K .zip file (unzipped 26.2K).  Extract both files in the file to the same folder.  Double click on the .exe file and it should work.  There is also an icon if you right click and create a shortcut from the .exe file to the desktop.

This metronome is fairly accurate.  To make sure it works accurately, don't do other things in other programs at the same time.

If this metronome doesn't work properly on your computer, you may need to also download the FREE Visual Basic runtime support files VBRun
sp5.ex60e.  To extract the file, you will need Winzip.


Sample Picture Only.  Click Here To Download Metronome