Playing Styles & Guitars Generally Used...

* Steel String Guitars *

General Guitar Playing -           Dreadnoughts with well balanced tone, Auditorium,
                                   or Jumbo size.

Bluegrass Playing -                A Strong Dreadnought.

Blues -                            Smaller bodied guitar preferably with mahogany back & sides.

Contemporary Fingerstyle Picking - Auditorium sized or smaller.

Jazz -                             Dreadnoughts with well balanced tone or Jumbo.

Big Band & Jazz -                  F-hole Archtop Guitars

Lap Style, Slide, Hawaiian -       Hawaiian guitar with high action.

* Nylon String Guitars *

Classical Playing -                Nylon String Guitar usually made of rosewood.

Flamenco Playing -                 Nylon string guitar a bit more shallow than a
                                   classical guitar, usually made of Spanish cypress.
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